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Before becoming an all-inclusive platform for literary matters, RV travel, lifestyle choices, ageism, fashion, nude art photography, and self-realization it began simply as a place to sell books. The Rogue Literary Society was founded in 1995 and based itself out of a little hamlet called Anchorage about fifteen miles outside of Louisville, Kentucky. It remained an outlet for selling signed editions and collectible books until 2005 when it published its first handmade Japanese-bound limited edition titled Problems and Miracles written by Ryan Davis.  RLS went on to publish a total of four handmade poetry titles by writers Ryan Davis, Barton Allen, M Sarki, and Norman Lock before suspending production.  The Rogue Literary Society continues to publish hardcover and paperback editions of most books written by M Sarki and is now based in Apalachicola, Florida.

Our Community


We keep few friends, and like to say we don’t have any. But we may rely on each other too much. Perhaps one day there will be an essential consequence or a sort of punishment for our mutual failure in what appears to us as normal social interaction. But occasions visited are generally so false, these so-called get-togethers.  Rarely does the affair feel honest or worthy of our time and effort.  So we refrain from most social  events promoted as being “fun”. Our problem centers on the absence of intimacy. This dark veil almost always present in respect to relationships with others. Even ourselves. So much decorum and goodwill can make you sick with despair. Cordial distances are usually maintained. The occasional “too-friendly” encounter will always feel a bit perverted and profane. Getting very close physically with somebody you do not know is often horrifying.  The ambiguities are endless and frustrating at best.  

Even though what you are reading is a travel journal centered around personal discovery, my partner and I will almost certainly avoid any organized RV rally. We are interested in meeting like-minded people, but really do not yet know where they can be found.  We hope to meet them in our travels.  An RV rally would involve way too many people not like us.  Having the same brand or style of travel trailer really means nothing to us and is a clique we have no interest in becoming members of. Perhaps a wild and crazy extravaganza such as Burning Man is in the cards one day, though we certainly would never “fit in” there either. But we could certainly feel free to express ourselves openly. What is promising today is that we both finally feel more comfortable with who we are and standing on our individual difference.  It is still a bit scary to think what others may or may not believe about us as a couple, especially anyone who might read our blog, but in reality we most likely will never meet these people face to face. And of those we have encountered, the reaction has always been respectful. And the predictable false exclamation point made at the end of most conversations, “we need to get together sometime”, is met with by our typical response that we tend to keep to ourselves and protect our privacy. Then you ask, why all these confessions and exhibitions on the page?  Words and photographs simply allow us generous opportunities for expression. It is a chance to get intimate in a controlled environment. As frightening as it is sometimes to be forthcoming, and then considering the risk of being “found out”, affords us additional layers of our onion to be peeled off.  If confronted with what I have written, or what I have posted as a significant photograph, my initial response would most likely hinge on it all being fiction. That no part of our life demonstrated on the page can be construed as reality.  Basically we are frauds. Nobody here is authentic and most likely certain to be forgotten.  Or else remembered in a version acceptable to one’s own truth. Which is, at best, debatable. 

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Often there are times when it takes tremendous courage to publicly exhibit your art, whether it be your words, paintings, or photographs.  Words and paintings are less threatening to have “out there” because they are more ambiguous. Nude photographs are another matter. As positive as I am over the exquisitely beautiful form my model displays and what we are expressing together, doubt creeps in incessantly regarding our intentions.  The great Leonard Cohen wrote poems and sang songs often about women, relationships, adultery, and even cuckoldry.  He also drew many sketches of nude women. However, he admitted in an interview that he could never get his romantic interests to ever remove their clothes and model for him. I am fortunate to not only have had the same model and muse for all my writing, painting, and photography since 1995 but even after her knowing me for almost fifty years she is still my wife, best friend, and lover.